Trying to find my uncle Dhanahang Limbu in Assam

July 17, 2011 at 7:22 AM

I am writing to everyone to search for a family member which I hope to find soon. He’s one of Bam Prasad Limbu’s sons.  Dhanang Limbu was born in 1980 (B.C) in Hattikharka, Dhankuta, Nepal.  He was a part of the Indian army however he retired without pension after 9 to 11 years in 2009 (B.C). He was a Nike rank in the Indian Army. Bomprasad died before Dhanang had come back from India. In 2010 (B.C.) Dhanang went to Assam where his father Bomprasad had land but his uncle Rambahadur (Ex Indian Army) sold that land without discussing with the family.  Dhanang and Rambahadur had disagreements regarding land that was sold. As a result Dhanang went back to Assam and stayed there.

The information we received included that he had married at Assam and had a son who is in the Indian army and that his daughter had married a man in the Indian army as well. If he is alive he will be 88 years old now. His brother Milbahadur Limbu (Khewa, Tigela) is still staying at the same family house with 3 daughters and 4 sons. Milbahadur frequently visits the United Kingdom and Brunei because of his son is serving with British Army since 17 years.


(i) Gyan Bahadur Limbu’s (Area’s Subba) son>>

(ii) Shreedhoj Limbu (Area’s Subba) and his 9 Sons >>

(iii) Bam Prasad Limbu has 2 sons and 2 daughters

1st Child >> Mr. Dhanahang Limbu (Trying to find him or his family)

2nd Child >> Mrs. Narmaya

3rd Child >> Mrs. Shivamaya

4th Child >> Mr. Milbahadur Limbu’s son >> Biswasdip doing search from Brunei

Dhanahang mother’s birth place is Terathum, Patigawu, Suwa Limbu,

His height: roughly 5 ft

Skin colour: white red

From same village went to India or Somewhere

  1. Dhanahang Limbu 2010 B.S. >> Assam
  2. Chandradev Limbu 2018 B.S. >> Assam, Brother of Late Manprasad Limbu (Chamare), his DOB 1999 B.C. son of Pdmalal
  3. Khagendra Limbu 2028/29 B.S.>>Assam or Somwhere,  DOB 2016 B.C. senior brother of Member of Parliament Hariraj Limbu

People knew him (Dhanahang)>> Maklunge Saila ko vatijo/Khewa Subba (don’t eat chicken), Subba


Area’s “Subba” means everyone pays the land tax to him; He was area leader or boss of area during that time.

Search date: 17 July 2011, Brunei,

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